Political Science Paper on Globalization

Political Science Paper on Globalization

The benefits globalization

Globalization has connected people than ever before. More, money and information apparently flow at a faster rate compared to a few years ago. Accordingly, products manufactured from one areas of the globe can be availed to the other areas of the continent within a short span of time. Therefore, we can note that globalization has now ubiquitous. The current paper covers various facets allied to globalization.

The drawbacks of Globalization

Due to globalization, multinational companies engage in unfair working practices, social injustices, and reduced concern to the environment as well as ecological damage and natural resource mismanagement. Accordingly, (Ramsfield et al. 256), note that globalization has resulted in communicable disease incursion. For instance, travelers spread diseases such as HIV/AIDS to other parts of the continent. Most importantly, globalization has resulted in exploitation of labor. For example, Nam (56) postulates that children are used for cheap labor and others work under inhumane conditions. More so, multinational companies ignore safety standards to manufacture cheap products.
the greatest benefit of globalization

The Positive Side of Globalization

What I perceive as the positive side of globalization is that it can make the world a great place as it solves some of the issues such as poverty and unemployment in some parts of the continent. Moreover, knowledge is also passed when people interact from different parts of the continent. In addition, globalization enhances global economic growth, makes organizations more competitive.

The greatest downsize of globalization.

Despite its benefits, globalization is not free from downsides. In my view, the biggest downside allied to globalization decreased environmental integrity. According to, developed nations can easily use the weak regulatory rules to pollute the environment.

Primary Positive or Primary Negative

In my opinion, globalization is primarily positive because its disadvantages are less than the advantages. The spread of knowledge and travelling enhances creativity and transfer of knowledge. In terse, I believe that it is not okay for organizations to be left behind by globalization. There is therefore, a need to ensure that every nation support globalization.


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