Political Science Paper on The abortion law in the United States

The abortion law in the United States

The United States, under President Donald Trump, signed the bill to ban federal funding to the non-governmental organization that supports abortion. Nonprofit organizations that support abortion in various states around the United States argued that the ban on funding was morally wrong. Furthermore, Donald Trump issued a ban on funding organizations that support abortion outside the United States. Garrett (1) of the CNN argues that the ban on abortion could increase the rate of illegal abortions in the United States.  In addition, the fact that there were no women when Donald Trump was reinstating the law was morally wrong. Critics argue that it is wrong for men to make laws regarding women affairs.

The law requires non-governmental organizations to agree to refrain from performing or supporting abortion with and outside the United States Garrett (1). Family planning is an important aspect in all nations because of the necessity to prevent unwanted pregnancies within families. Unwanted pregnancies cause financial and emotional strain to those affected. Therefore, the decision to provide abortion services is necessary within society to prevent unwanted pregnancies. However, Donald Trump’s orders to ban funding of non-governmental organizations that perform and support abortion makes it clear that the Republican Party is against abortion.

According to Garrett (1), the Republican and Democratic Party have debated the issue of funding for decades. President Ronald Reagan, under the Republican Party, introduced the abortion law in 1984. However, the Democrats, led by Bill Clinton, removed the ban on funding. George W. Bush of the Republican Party introduced the law in 2001, but President Barack Obama overturned the law when he assumed power in 2009. Organizations that have foreign branches argue that the ban on funding reduces the organizations’ ability to provide full family planning services. Also, the organizations understand that if they work against the law, they will be unable to complete other projects because of lack of funding (Garrett 1).

Women’s health groups argue that the ban on funding makes it impossible for the organization to prevent infectious diseases like HIV/AIDS and unwanted pregnancies. Furthermore, the organizations that accept funding from the government after asserting with the abortion funding ban are always denied access to international meeting with other organizations. Denied access to international meetings and lack of funding cripples the organization’s operations.  Garrett (1) argues that the government should overturn the law because of the consequences associated with the ban like high abortion rates. Also, the Congressional General Accountability Office argued that the ban on funding for non-governmental organizations was a direct impediment to the fight against HIV. Also, reinstating the ban on funding violates American’s freedom of speech through the courts. President back Obama annulled the law. Subsequent research on the effects of the ban was conducted by Stanford University. The researchers found striking evidence linking increased abortion rates and the funding ban (Garrett 1).

The ban on governmental funding to organizations that support abortion is discriminatory against the female gender. All the bans that target non-governmental organizations should be overturned because women have a right to access medical care. Also, it is morally wrong for men to decide women health issues. It is striking how governmental organizations help women who decide to carry their pregnancies to term but neglect those that do not. The government should not discriminate against women who choose to abort their pregnancies (Garrett 1). Only a women should be allowed to make decisions concerning her body. Furthermore, the government does not provide sufficient support to poor women who have unwanted pregnancies.

Family planning as an education to women is essential in society because it helps women to decide about their reproductive health. Failure of the government to support abortion by non-governmental organizations will have devastating effects in regards to the rate of illegal abortions. Illegal abortions predispose women to health risks and also death. The government should make it possible for women to seek abortion services in time to prevent pregnancy complications such as failed abortions. There are cases where young girls have gotten pregnant because of rape and incest. These girls need abortion services that the government prohibits by introducing bands on abortion funding. Unwanted pregnancies among school-going girls will hurt the girls’ future. Early parenthood without sufficient income and support from other family members will cause emotional strain to the new mothers. Therefore, it is important to allow school-going girls the right to abort to allow them to continue with school.

Older women should also have the right to seek abortion services with ease because they understand the ramifications of unwanted pregnancies. Garrett (1) provides an insightful outlook on the abortion case. It is women who have the right to decide on matters that pertain to their reproductive health. Therefore, the government should repeal the law to allow non-governmental organizations to provide family planning services. The government should consider the effects of the law and decide whether it is a good idea to keep the law.

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