Political Science Paper on World Attitude towards Russia

Political Science Paper on World Attitude towards Russia


Many people have a strong bad attitude about Russia and his people. Majority of these groups of people are the Westerners and the Americans. They fault the nation’s leadership and government at large but fail to separate of the country with the Russian people. They end up not only having a negative aversion, dislike, fears and feelings about Russia but also its people and their culture at large. These negative attitudes were developed in the past which many people still use to judge the nation, its leaders and citizens. Nevertheless, many people judge them without first understanding their culture because that is what attributes to their behavior. They base their thoughts depending on what they see and hear in the media which has been on the front in promoting bad image about Russia and its people. However, it is important for the westerners and other groups who hate Russia to learn about their culture and way of living before developing an attitude or bad thoughts about them.

Negative orientation towards Russia and Russians

The war against Russia began early after World War I when Marxists and Bolsheviks overthrew Czar becoming enemies of capitalism (Forest 361). Since then, there has been strong propaganda regarding Russia’s rejection of capitalism ideology. The Western people saw this anti-capitalist ideology as a threat to them because capitalism was their culture and they were not in any way willing to abolish it. In the end, most western people have anti-Russia mindset considering them as a threat to their success and ability to achieve the American Dream.

There are also those Westerners who developed a negative attitude towards Russia and its people during the Cold War and Civil War (Forest 360). These were among the most dangerous conflicts in the history of the world. It involved highly dynamic forces which could not be controlled which in turn led to great hatred between the opposite nations that fought each other. Since then, there have been profound nationalist forces that are being unleashed against Russia by westerners. They went as far as getting involved in their domestic affairs after the collapse of Soviet something that the Russian government has heavily resisted.

In the year 2000, President Vladimir Putin made a nasty comment about Soviet Union claiming that those people who are interested in the union does not have a brain or heart. This comment has been analyzed and negatively ridiculed by the media which increased the tension that people have towards Russia. Putin believes that it is because of the Soviet regime that the Nazi was defeated (Forest 361). It has since liberated its nation from this regime though the Western nations still claims the victory claiming they caused the Soviet Union to collapse.

Many people consider Russians as rude people providing their leader Putin as an example. They believe that they hold some direct social disintegration and rudeness towards other nations. This is the reason some people consider Russia as centrality of suffering thus even dread the thoughts of visiting the nation. Russians are also considered as people who are undiplomatic with no good feelings towards people. They are not polite individuals and this is depicted in movies and also in the media especially in Putin’s speeches concerning the Western nations. Russians are also considered as proud people who are not much interested in achieving an “American Dream” or acquiring more money. They can easily walk away from a deal something which has made people question their morality and sense of doing business.

Understanding Russia and Russians

A person can fully understand Russian’s by looking into their soul and their culture. This is the only way in which they can appreciate Russia, its government and their people and end up abandoning the negative attitude that they have towards them. Russian’s have a direct soul which goes straight to the point something that other people consider as arrogance. For instance, a Russian can help a needy individual in the society by building them a house. However, while doing that, they will criticize those who were in a position to help this needy individual but ignored. Sincerity is part of their culture and behavior something which they cannot depart from at any given day. It is therefore important to understand why they like criticizing Americans and other Western nations who like to show off about their power but ends up not helping other nations to fight their battles because they have an attitude towards them.

The origin of directness of Russian people comes from their tight culture and community plus life goals. This allows everyone to be direct and less bothered with the diplomatic status of others. At the same time, it explains the reasons Russians are very communicative regarding their new acquaintances, an act which may be misinterpreted with pride and arrogance. It is also important to understand that Russia is a nation that has never experienced democracy. You cannot therefore expect them to be fair and egalitarians. When dealing with Russians, it is crucial that you explain yourself and motives to strike a clear deal and understanding.

When it comes to Russian leadership and leader, Putin is a man of strong values. He has done his best to minimize the Western influence and their presence in Russia especially their beliefs in LGBT something that Putin greatly condemns. At one point, he was recorded condemning the Americas especially after the passing of LGBT rights claiming that they had stopped following the ways of God. His strong Christ and moral values is what has made him condemn many of the Western values to an extent of disagreeing with their demands. Putin had to even force some of the Peace Corps in the year 2002 because he did not want them to have a strong influence of the Russians. In regards to Soviet comments by Putin, his main goal has been to reverse the 1989 events that led to the dissolution of the Soviet State leaving several Russian soldiers and civilians dead. This is the reason he is willing to use everything possible including nuclear weapons, natural gas, and various energy forms to protect his people and nation.

Awareness and tolerance towards Russia

Someone once said that, there cannot be peace minus tolerance. Without it, people will always find a link of impartiality that they can use to make unpleasant distinctions on nationality, ethnicity or race. To achieve tolerance for Russia, the focus should be on individual and institutional sources who promote prejudice situations and contexts. When these individuals have a different way of viewing the nation and its people, it will be possible to change other people’s perspectives and thoughts too. Seeking to transform other individuals minus dealing with the strong influences can turn out futile. You can improve intergroup relations between Americans and Russians which will not only transform their minds but also make them tolerant towards Russia and its citizens. During this time, you can include motivational talks that would influence others plus increase their awareness and knowledge about Russia.

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