Political Science Research Paper on Barack Obama

Barack obama was president of the united states for eight years. How would you evaluate the administration of president obama? Did he do a good job as President of the united states? Which policies do you agree with and which would you disagree with? why? what would you consider to be some of his successes and some of his failures? have his policies resolved important problems facing the united states? How would you evaluate his leadership style? would you agree or disagree with statements made by his critics? In evaluating his performance as president, try to focus on data and facts associated with the policies he has supported. You may choose to focus on either president obama’s domestic policies or his foreign policies.
In writing this research paper, you must use at least 2 books and 4 articles. The paper must include footnotes and a bibliography.

Research paper will be evaluated according to the following 5 standards

Thesis statement and argument: Is the thesis statement clearly presented in the introductory paragraph? Does the thesis statement answer an important or relevant question? Does the author clearly explain the argument that the paper presents? Does the authors argument reflect original and nuanced thought? Does the introductory paragraph state the purpose of the paper in an engaging and thought provoking manner?
Use of evidence in support of thesis: Did the writer select evidence that persuasively supports the argument? Does the author cite the evidence correctly according to a standard citation method such as MLA? Does the writer include his or her analysis of the evidence to explain why it supports his or her thesis statement or argument? Does the author critically examine evidence or arguments that oppose his or her point of view? Does the author properly cite the sources from which she or he has obtained information present in the paper? Does the paper have at least 6 citations from relevant sources?
Sufficient background information: Does the paper provide enough information on the topic to give the reader an understanding of the origins and evolution of the problems discussed? Does the author provide relevant historical information on the actors, institutions, and problems examined in the paper?
Organization: Is the paper clearly organized with an introduction, body and conclusion? Does the paper have focused paragraphs which include clear topic sentences and related evidence and analysis? In paragraphs, one sentence should logically follow another. Ideas should be developed sequentially. Paragraphs should follow each other in a logical sequence.
Grammar, spelling and writing style: Does the paper have more than a few grammar and spelling errors? Does the author use the correct verb tenses? Does it appear that the paper has been carefully proofread? Does the author select vocabulary which is appropriate for academic writing? Does the author select over-use adjectives and adverbs? Is the author careful about his or her use of the passive? Is the author able to clearly explain his/her ideas?