Political Science: Sample Essay on The Governor General of Canada

The Governor General of Canada

Canada is a state that embraces both constitutional monarchy and parliamentary democracy. Citizens of this country recognize the queen as their majesty and leader of their state. The general governor executes functions of the leadership with aid from his deputy. In 1947, all the work under the royal administration was conferred to the governor general.

This is in spite of the fact that functions and overall authority was declared in the constitutional act of 1867. In Canada, their parliament incorporates three major sections. They are crown which is under the general governor, the chosen senate and House of Commons. The duty of governor general is to select a prime minister for Canada. Furthermore, the general grants assent to royal bills. They are then accepted in governing body and House of Commons. Other significant chores of the general are signing documents that belong to the state. He is also responsible for delivering speeches while on throne and dissolving parliament during an election.

Today, Canada is an independent nation because it operates by the monarchy which is led by the governor general. The role of the monarchy in this state is to ensure that it enhances an effective democratic system (Thompson, 2013). The king or queen serves as a Canadian symbol because they head the government. The current situation also applies to the past when the governor general represents the monarchy in confined politics. The responsibility of Canadian governors has increased in number.

Evidently, governor general is allowed to pay a visit to other states to conduct official duties. Furthermore, the governor general also serves as a top officer of armed forces in Canada. He honors needs of citizens and takes part in commemorating their accomplishments. This is clear when he delivers special medals, grants and honors.



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