Political Science: Sample Essay on The most Pressing Problems Facing American Youth

The most Pressing Problems Facing American Youth

In the current society, Youth in America suffer from five major pressing challenges. They incorporate lack of training, poverty, health aspects, low living standards and family problems. Every challenge is attributed to the imminent impact upon the current young people. As a result, these issues lead to a huge outcome that disrupts the social order among the youth. In this contemporary society, it is clear that poverty is a key aspect that affects plenty of American adolescents.

This is clear when it affects welfare and health among the youth. Poverty has also affected their social order which has contributed to ethnic and racial minorities. This situation happens between young Native Americans and children from foreign countries. Supporters to aid end challenges among youth are advocating for changes and innovations. This happens in public institutions whereby they formulate ways that can end poverty in American society. They claim that the actions in developed countries such as Britain facilitated issues among the youth.

To end these challenges, there is need to embrace reforms in training frameworks. This change in educational curriculums should ensure that all vital values are improved. In this context, such changes will also facilitate terms that will extend its services to the natives. Evidently, young people in this generation lack ethical direction to choose the right course when they face an attack. In addition, absence of parental involvement in youth activities has made them to suffer. Reports indicate that fathers in America only take 17 seconds to interact with their adolescent children.

This trend is worrying and to be able to assist these young people, parents need to spend more time with them. It is also essential for the government to find ways to improve the lives of youth to make them better citizens in future.


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