Political Science: Sample Essay on U. S. Congress

U. S. Congress

In previous years, the concern of US Congress was to hire and withhold employees of armed forces in a given state. This situation explains why the work force in the military should be competent and ready for duty. It is vital for members of the congress to depict good performance that will enhance goals of a nation.

New members in the congress are advised to adopt quantity objectives. In this regard, members are expected to accomplish their goals during the admission year. This implies that each member of a congress is supposed to operate for 59 hours on a weekly basis.  Members of the congress who operate from Washington are supposed to work an average of 70 hours in a week (Canon 145). To fulfill needs of the congress, members should abide by concrete legislation in Washington. This is via working with fellow legislators to write the rules.

The responsibility of congress members is to vote on bills and hold hearings. Besides being active in politics, they also ensure that they raise funds and connect with the media to enhance progress in the management. At the time when the legislation is being drafted, it is vital for the congress to identify the issue, agree on a plan and finally implement it. During this procedure, various groups such as political parties and federal courts are allowed to contribute. Fleisher, and Bond (436), claim that incumbent must win in an election that is held at the congress.

This implies that not all incumbents triumph but majority approximately get sixty percent of the votes. Furthermore, the congress interacts with the media and various social networks to increase its constituents. Clearly, it is hard to contrast different members of the congress and their characters. They come from various districts and their role is to ensure that they unite citizens.



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