Preparation Guideline for Case Analysis (APPLEInc)

Just make a simple 3 page Apple Analysis following the guidelines from attached material. Thank you

Preparation Guideline for Case Analysis (APPLE Inc)
A. Case Abstract
– Write down the Executive Summary of the Firm’s business
– You can use here a summary of your 5 forces analysis.
B. Vision Statement
– Analyze and develop (propose) the Firm’s Vision Statement
C. Mission Statement
– Analyze and develop (propose) the Firm’s Mission Statement
– Identify 9 key Mission Statement components
D. External Audit
a. List up – Opportunities
b. List up – Threats
c. Construct a Competitive Profile Matrix (CPM)
d. Construct an EFE Matrix
E. Internal Audit
a. List up – Strengths
b. List up – Weaknesses
c. Perform a Financial Analysis
d. Perform a Net Worth Analysis
e. Construct an IFE Matrix
F. SWOT: Produce SO, WO, ST and WT Strategies from your Audit-results
G. Perform SPACE Matrix analysis
H. Perform Grand Strategy Matrix analysis
I. Perform IE Strategy Matrix analysis
J. Perform QSPM analysis
K. Summarize your Strategy Recommendation
L. Perform EPS/EBIT analysis (with the same assumptions of IBM case)
M. Epilogue:
– Summarize your final evaluation result of the Firm’s overall performance
*** Refer to the IBM case example for your assignment of APPLE Inc. ***