Principles and Advantages of Employee Empowerment Essay

Principles and Advantages of Employee Empowerment

What is employee empowerment?

Employee empowerment is the act of giving employees the opportunity to make decisions concerning work procedures and the organization at large. This helps in giving the employees confidence in their abilities and enhancing performance within the organization.

What are the main principles of employee empowerment?

There are several principles of employee empowerment. These include:

  • Value for the employees. There are many ways through which an employer can show that they value the employee. Employee empowerment is about showing workers that they are worthy and their services are valued. This is always evident in the manner through which senior employees and managers talk to the employees and also how they treat them. Employees can also know whether or not they are valued from the body language of their employers. This can either motivate or deflate their zeal. Ultimately, employees should be treated well and in a humane manner regardless of their performance.
  • Information sharing. Whether it is goals or decisions of the company, company information needs to be sharedProofreading-Editing to every employee of the company. Empowerment majorly concerns information and an employee can never be empowered if they lack information regarding the company. It is necessary to ensure that all employees receive information regarding the company on time and that their views and opinions are considered in decision making processes.
  • Employee empowerment is about allowing employees to make decisions about the company. This entails delegating duties to the employees. In some instances, the employees may have good ideas but if they are not given a chance to implement them then they will only remain ideas. Empowerment is about delegating all types of duties to the employees, not just the boring or difficult duties but the fun and demanding ones as well.
  • Even though employee empowerment may entail delegating duties to the employees, it is important that bosses and managers provide guidance to the employees. It is not just enough to assign tasks or let the employee implement their own decisions. Bosses must ensure that any decisions or ideas implemented are aligned to the company goals.
  • Frequent feedback. Employee empowerment is also about providing frequent and honest feedback to the employee. Regardless of whether the employee performs well or not, they need to know what the managerial team thinks of their work. Employees can use feedback to improve their performance or even change their tactics especially if they are not doing well. When providing feedback it is important to also consider the feelings of the employee and use well chosen and positive words.
  • Employee empowerment should be accompanied with the right rewards. An employee who performs well should be recognized. This does not mean big rewards but even a small token of appreciation will go a long way to motivate the employee and inspire others.

What are the advantages of employee empowerment?

Employee empowerment can be carried out in varied ways and there are also many principles surrounding this concept. In the long run any employer who wants to experience the best results must seek to empower their employees. Some of the benefits to be gained from employee empowerment include:

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