Proposal Argument Research Paper on Man

Proposal Argument Research Paper on Man


A man far much wiser and brevier than I once said that there are coming times that nature will suffer from the humanity, and indeed it is today. The earth comprises of many species of animals but it is only one who dominates. We as human beings were given the power to take care of the earth’s natural resource which we have tried to some extent. In fact, most of the changes have been done to the earth’s surface. About fifty years ago, the transport systems, the buildings among many other facilities were not as they appear today. There has been modernization of roads, houses, vehicles, cloths and even technology. This is because of man’s ability to think and innovate new things using the natural resources. However, the big question is how good is a good change on the earths and its components. May be too good to make world a little heaven or may be too good to question the human conscience and integrity. The human knowledge has seen the food production increased to at least a significant value if not negligible for example the adoption of genetically modified organism have also been put in place to address the growing human population. Human population has then turned from blessing to worse since the human activities are far much harsh for nature to accommodate

From inception of evolution of the early man our population was too low compared to the current world, but since the adaption of new technologies of different ages such as use of crude tools to now the use of tractors. In the early ages the early man grew crops and domesticated wild animals. It is from these activities that ensured steady food supply and finally facilitated the human growth. Immediately after wards came the agrarian revolution followed by the industrial revolution and finally the age of technology. Apparently, the age of modern technology is what that have seen the earth look much more far different from all other periods of human. Each stage of transformation has had a share of challenges. In the current age of evolution which you and me belong to is characterized by great technological adaptations. To our surprise there are a number of know how that even amaze their inventors but all in all we still belong to this generation.  The current generation is faced with, environmental misappropriation, climatic disorder and high population. Just to site example, China today has one third of the world’s population but in the next decades the world population may be too much to an extent that you will cannot throw an object without landing it on a person head. The increase of population is now proving to be a disaster to manage across the world. There have been birth control measures but that too do not fare well. It is not of bad intention to criticize the increasing population but it’s pressure on natural resources and the climate not to mention environmental degradation as a result of human activities additionally, the climate too has changed. At this point the climate refers to what the earth constitutes of. Currently the climate has immensely changed and it is not a surprise as it is directly linked with the increasing world population. The climate systems compose of water, the ice glaciers, the air and the plants and the animals in it.  The world population has consistently threatened the climate by the human activities. The number of threats posed to climate include the emissions of toxic gases such as the carbon (iv) oxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen and methane. These gases when emitted to the atmosphere complicates air composition. Moving to the rising temperatures, the increasing sea levels and the use of the land has continually changed the world climate. The question is what have you done to arrest the climatic menace before it goes beyond reform. Sadly, enough the human actions on the climate have led to some plants and animal’s species being extinct.


In current world, we are about seven million people who each day has to eat and drink water. This continuous use of the food and water have made the human genre to expand their territory enormously, water is need to build houses, to cool engines among other activities. On the other hand, there is use lands expand transport systems. Has we use the lands and water the population growth is always on board. However, all still points on the same size of the earth. That is has we continue using the land and water they are getting lesser and lesser each day. With the pressure of human population, the humanity has opted to make devices of technologies to help us survive. Some of the technologies used are not environmental friendly. And this has caused the climatic disorder. Apparently, the consumption is increasing at alarming rate but no one seems to be concerned on how to compensate for the resources being depleted. We will only get the governments’ talks of building walls but not observation of the environment. Industries for example use the water for production items such as electronic appliances but never even for a thought of conserving it. For example, in the year 2012 alone one country, the United Kingdom industry consumed about 15 trillion liters of water not to mention the other world states. Make you the 15 trillion (Emmott 13) is just production in industries. Some of the products which water is used to produce are plastic containers of water. When we break down to other uses of water in UK alone apart from production in industry, it will translate to figure that even a scientific calculate will not incorporate in the screen. In short there is extravagant use of water. The question is what are you doing to reduce the unnecessary high water consumption without a second thought?

The demand for more land keeps on increasing, with the increasing population and perhaps in the next thirty-four years the need for land would be three times as it is today (Vidal 5.7). This will mean that the only sources of rain will have to cut down to see the world population settled.  Additionally, the need for food to feed the world growing population would also trigger the clearing of the lands to grow crops for consumption. That is by the year 2050 around 1 billion hectares of land will be cleared to cater for food need. The needed land in simple terms translate that the we will need about a new size of the United States just for food production (Vidal 5.7). If the concerned organization do not take up the challenge positively we would remain with no sources of rain which are the forests. On the population increase it will mean that around three billion people will be in rise by 2050. This will cause more effects on climate for instance, in the cities there will be overpopulation. The effect will be that the production in the industries will have to increase by double digits. This is will translate to increased use of automobiles and more sources of energy in rise. In the rise the emission of carbon (iv) oxide and methane will increase with increasing production activities. Ironically, we cannot feed our current population with enough food and water. what about the case of the next forty years? Perhaps the world will be desert with fighting mongrels to survive and get life necessities. Maybe it would be like an example of a ruined world. Example of the deserted world by year 2050.


At the same time, there is increasing expansion of transport line system. The increasing transportation means more vehicles and airplanes are on the rise. This further indicates will be more emission of Carbon (iv) oxide in the atmosphere. The increasing emissions of the gases will to corrosion of ozone, the ozone depletion will have effects of increased temperatures which causes the melting of the ice mountains. The melting of the ice will eventually cause the increase of sea water levels. The increased temperatures have always accounted for global warming which is responsible for increased heat illnesses such as cancer. Another global warming effect is the hurricanes that affect the aquatic life. Harsh weather conditions contribution of extinction of certain plants and animals. The research carried by the IPCC (Mancuso 2014.13) have indicated that certain animals, such as the polar bear have continued to be disappear due to unbearable high temperatures. Additionally, plants such as the quiver tree in south Africa and Namibia have been so less and continue to disappear as they dry out. The transportation systems in the water bodies have continued to affect the aquatic life, through the oil spillage in the water bodies which usually blocks the air movement in and out of water. The travelling into and out of the countries also have increased the chances of spread of the diseases from one continent to another. This pauses greater danger in the spread of diseases on annual basis.  The more fortunate countries such as the United Kingdom, the United states countries and other many countries in Europe (Emmott 13) have started by building walls and putting more stringent rules to the immigrants simply because they feel the depletion of resources is soon catching up on them with population growing. With the climatic disorder increasing which generation will be there to continue with siring of offspring’s?  our children need to grow in an environment which is safe from drought, diseases and see the natural resources in fact, if our activities of climatic disorder continue the next generation of our children are bound to suffer. Alternatively, we can choose to sit back and do nothing or we can decide to lament over the menace or we blame the corrupt government and the changing world. It is upon all human race to join see a working solution towards saving nature from human activities.

The only solutions we have at the present world is to be very conscience of our environment and how to work as a team to address the climatic issue. Before working as, a team it starts with an individual behavior. We change our behavior by consuming less and being mindful of the environment. We can as well economize on the use of resources. From individual behavior, we then proceed to the radicalizing of our governments, through electing the right leaders who have their countries interest at heart not the ones who only fight for economic supremacy. By doing this we will assist in the election of sober leaders who will not only focus on the growing by use of inappropriate channels which are environmental threat. The kind of leaders who will adopt proper technologies and effect the rules on the people. The different countries must have a combine a gender of protecting the environment and focusing on future remedies for food shortage since it will be changing to the story of looming calamity. Additionally, the governments should see the rules that maintains the environmental conservation and checks on the economies of scale as well. The government should (Mancuso 2014.13) forget their differences and work together as a team. On the individual self-commitment to change the situation of climate we need to have own less natural resources. For example, why would one own thousands of hectares of land while others are squeezed and lacks even farms to grow crops for survival? This can be achieved when we use the influential people in society to set an example as the rest follow. For example, the world greatest footballers, celebrities can lead by example in conservation and consumption. They can set a pace for other people to follow. No need for few rich men to own ten swimming pools with waters which is drained outside after every 24 hours. This waters can be used in agricultural production or be conserved for future use. This would help in waiting increasing population. The most countries population tend to increase more and more annually for example, the Nigeria the population growth is estimated to grow by 349%, Mali 408 % among many others (Emmott 13). Even the world supper power is estimated to have a population growth of 54% (Bayly 1789). If there are no reserves in to maintain the growing population, it will lead to depletion of the few little resources available. Finally, we should use resources to develop more option rather than funding projects that are anticipated but cannot be proven. For example, the fear of the outbreak of world war has made nations to invest in nuclear weapons rather than dealing with climatic problems at hand. The security issues on the borders is also important but the climatic disorder should be addressed since with no humanity to safe guard will mean the security will be useless. The issue of addressing climatic disorder is not a one man show down but requires every government, every person across the globe. Through the unity of different states, it will have a major impact for the handling of world disaster. In a nutshell, the climatic hazard is threat to all humanity.



Several years back has seen the human population grow. The growth of the human population has seen a lot of changes since inception of life to the current world. The human efforts cannot be assumed and in fact if great minds like Socrates and Aristotle if would have a chance to come back they would be excited with the human progress. There have been changes in transportation and technology world as whole. However, with good deeds humans have been less concerned with the climatic factors and composition.

(Mancuso 2014.13) The climatic aspects of life include the plants, water bodies, ice glaciers and composition of air. The composition of the climate has continued to be disrupted by human careless activities. World governments seemingly are not by great margin touched by climatic changes since they are more concerned with the governing their nations. The well to do governments just beef up the security system to prevent the immigrants from migrating to their countries.  The increased human population have fueled a lot of demands that has since continue to stretch world natural resources. The population is increasing both in the developed and in developing countries. The developing countries records high percentage of population growth the years to come.

With the stretching of the world resources we the humans have failed to consider the effect of our actions. Some of our careless action include use of excess water and large emission of gases. Our less concern attitude towards the environment have contributed to poor use of resources without replacing. The human careless activities such as deforestation will render the world useless in next fifty or so coming years. Some worse effects of human action in earth’s surface have led to global warming, death related diseases and depletion of resources. There has been extinction of both crops and animal species this too is as result of climatic disorder. Some of the missing animals are the polar bear and deaths in aquatic lives. The human genre can still change the looming danger by being self-discipline, proper government radicalization and good role models. The change in climatic disorder is not only a concern of few people but the whole world at large. The change of climatic disorder will see the coming generations adapt easily and have the opportunity to defend the climate further. This means that the future existence of the next generation depends entirely on the current population lest we stand the chance of taking world to worse climatic conditions.


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