PSCI 4213: 2019 Spanish Election HW

Follow PDF and answer questions; Basically all you need to do is follow the news on the elections in Spain and answers a few questions (your answers should be brief, probably 3-4 sentences each). You don’t need to cite your sources so you can use whatever news outlets you prefer.

PSCI 4213: 2019 Spanish Election HW
Due in class as a hard copy on April 30, 2019

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Part 1: Do some general research and follow the national election in Spain. Feel free to use your preferred news sources, and you do not need to cite your sources in this assignment. In a short paragraph discuss (1) what you view as the most important issues in the election and (2) the most important, interesting, or surprising outcome of the election.

Part 2: Pick one mainstream party and one new or minor party from those listed below and answer the following questions.

Mainstream party
o Partido Socialista Obrero Español (PSOE)
o Partido Popular (PP)
New or minor party
o Podemos
o Ciudadanos
o Vox
o Any explicitly Catalan or Basque nationalist party

1) What is one issue that each party emphasized in their election platform? What was their position on that issue and which party/parties represented the opposition?

2) How did each party perform in the election? Where did they win support (you can discuss either the geographic regions where the party won more votes or you can answer this in terms of the demographics of party support)?