Psychology Essay Assignment on Faith

Whether you are a believer or do not believe, you will encounter many people who do believe and whose faith instructs their lives. Knowing about the stage theories of faith development can assist in our interactions with one another. Do you believe that human’s faith or spirituality grow and change over the life span as these stage theories suggest? Why or why not? Which, if any, of the developmental theories of faith, made the most sense to you? Why does that particular theory resonate with you? What are the strengths and weaknesses of some of the other theories?

Web Site Responses should be a minimum of 300 words in length and are different from research papers or essay answers. In addition to providing responses to the questions asked, students may also offer personal opinions and individual viewpoints about a particular subject, as long as the student can back-up what s/he thinks with credible evidence. Responses will be evaluated on how well the student states the facts and whether the student’s opinion is supported using good evidence and critical thinking skills. College-level thinking and writing is expected. Correct English grammar, spelling and punctuation should be used and will be considered in the grade. The use of profanity is normally inappropriate for academic work.

(I believe there is a higher power just not sure what it is )

Theories of Faith Development