Psychology Sample Coursework on Health Psychology

Health Psychology

The significance of health services across the globe is associated with broad accord that makes it relevant. It has become a key concern on both local and international level because there is need to upgrade the health of individuals. According to study, individuals are ready to spend their cash to access quality services in health care. This is because; good health is an essential requirement that completes their life.

Social factors that influence health of people include jobs, education, and their surroundings. Other aspects range from the amount of salary they earn, and their friends or family. Clearly, a variety of environmental and social characteristics also determine their capability to make use of health services. The social factors that have an influence on health are related to work. These aspects create a huge influence on ways to utilize health services among the public. For instance, individuals who earn good salaries tend to seek medical attention whenever they feel unwell in contrast to their low earners counterparts.

In addition, individuals who also attain low education are also linked to poor health services.  This is because poor education is connected to job insecurity hence bad medical services. Social support is also another aspect that enables people to access quality health services (Marmot, 2011). This implies that when people receive care and encouragement from friends and families, they become motivated to seek proper medical services.

Culture and religion are other aspects that influence use of health care. A section of people only trust God to be their healer while others believe that only traditional healers can restore their health. The environmental factors that contribute to proper health include safe meals, infrastructure and shelter. Additionally, individuals who stay in interior areas fail to receive proper medication. Poor people believe that diseases are caused by surroundings hence do not require seeking medical services.



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