Psychology: Sample Essay on First Generation College Students

First Generation College Students

Evidently, it is difficult for first generation students in college to outstand unique problems that their group face.  In most of the situation, such children serve as superior in their families. This is because they are the pioneer members to join the college. This implies that they ought to share their special traits unlike counterparts who do not belong to this generation.

From the start, these learners are forced to decide whether to be present in class sessions or work during part time. This is because they also have a responsibility of paying fees to proceed with tuition. Furthermore, majority of these students come from families with low earnings. As a result, they have to work hard to take charge of home affairs by studying and working at the same time. In this regard, they have to drop out of school to fulfil their needs. This implies that they can surrender their education twice in comparison to their colleagues who are not first generation learners.

Additionally, these students tend to avoid engaging in college events or interacting with their fellow students. Due to these unique problems, this group of students end up being affected negatively in their studies. As a result, learners from this generation are subjected to a conflict. This happens when they are torn between fulfilling their family or academic needs. Furthermore, this situation makes them to go against their cultures (Ward et al. 81). It happens when they are exposed to the university surrounding.

A part from facing hardship in education, these students also incurs depression and anxiety. At some point, they risk being recognized as college learners. First generation learners in college tend to release stress by interacting with others. They accomplish this via engaging in student’s organizations and sports events.


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