Psychology: Term Paper on Paranoid Personality Disorder

Paranoid Personality Disorder

Personality refers to inbuilt form of character that defines an individual. This depends on the manner in which a person perceives himself, and people around him. Disorder in personality is evident when an individual reveal his feelings that are against the expectation of his culture. People who exhibit a disorder in paranoid personality develop a trait of not trusting their colleagues.

In this regard, they become suspicious of their actions. Personality disorder is termed as a character that subject a person to interpret threats in behaviors of others. Paranoid individuals find it difficult to control their negative attitude toward other people. They don’t hold close connections with others because they feel that they might be betrayed. Experts depict factors that contribute to personality disorder that makes an individual to be paranoid. Professional claim that social aspects contribute to the disorder ( 2).

This is clear in the link that the paranoid individuals had with friends and family members but later exploited him. Psychological aspects can also be a cause when the surrounding determines the capability of how the individual handles stress. Paranoid personality can also be passed on to other individuals. The signs of this disorder are clear when the affected person begins to mistrust and suspect individuals around him. In most situations, this person cannot interact or share details freely with other. This is because he feels that people that can use the information to hurt him later.

Paranoid individuals tend to bear grudges that make it difficult for them to forgive others. In matters that concern relationships, such people tend to be insecure when their partners interact with friends. It is a disorder that affects both men and women. People in this condition get to be treated via an extended psychotherapy. In this case, the therapist tends to assess his characters and life history to give a proper diagnosis.



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