Public administration: classical organization vs. scientific management

Classical organization vs. scientific management

Scientific management is an aspect that is also referred to as Taylorism. This is because it was invented by Frederick Winslow Taylor, who was also a manager, scientist and engineer. Taylor integrated the basics of science into management to aid in manufacturing process across various firms. Management is a method that determines the welfare of employees and facilitates a secure working environment for best results.

It is clear that good working conditions promote operations at the firm and the relationships between the management and its subordinates. Conversely, classical organizational theory incorporated scientific approaches to describe well various authorities. This implies that those in power should be transparent and control workers via a hierarchical system. This is vital because it facilitates specialization and distribution of labor in a firm. Based on this theory, organizational character is termed as a network that incorporates correlation among people.

This is beneficial to human relationship because it enables them to understand behavior by depicting their causes and outcome. Taylor refers to management as a procedure that incorporates good strategy to increase productivity. Scientific management also fosters a secure job place for workers to fulfill the objectives of the firm. The management theory incorporates four vital aspects. The first is the rule of thumbs under the category of scientific management. It advocates on ways to handle tasks in an efficient manner.

Another concept is choosing employees and granting them jobs. This concept reveals the manner in which workers are trained and earn experience to increase productivity (Miller, 2010).  Supervising and giving employees instructions is another concept that enables employees to perform their best at work. The theory of management is vital in all organizations because it promotes communications and enhances best relationships.



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