QR Codes Sample Essay

QR Codes

Although not all the times, technology helps in solving problems. Embracing technology can be advantageous to a specific population as long as it benefits it. Nevertheless, there are issues like data security, confidentiality and ethics that should be considered. Quick response is a coding that allows for the dissemination of some information about certain medical data to people who have the barcode. It is important to note that modern technology has significant effects on the detection and prevention of diseases. It is also being used in delivering healthcare services. Due to these changes, healthcare requirements’ provision has become better for different stakeholders. Optical outcomes as well as emergency assistance have also been promoted by technology during outbreaks.

It is important to embrace this technology since at the work environment, nurses are responsible for ensuring safety, care and quality services for the patients. The implication of this is that the focus of most nurses is on meeting the patient’s demands. There can be standards’ shortfall due to policy lapses or resource allocation and patients can suffer due to this (Fowler, 2008). Patient’s care improvement is important because this ensures that patients get the appropriate care when necessary. There is a large elderly composition within the region which ought to compel them to perform a pilot project because this will benefit them. Worth noting is the fact that such conditions can necessitate medical attention and this ought to prompt trying a pilot project because when its success is compared to failure it outweighs it.

QR codes refer to barcodes that are two dimensional and ones that are easy to scan using a camera of a Smartphone (Winter, 2011). For the program to be run on codes there must be a phone application that is enabled in order to read it. The codes which have a squire shape are possible to scan. They have black modules with a background that is white in color. They allow for obtaining of large amount of data and high levels of error correction.

Advantages and disadvantages of the use of QR codes technology in nursing

QR codes play a vital role in facilitating healthcare because they enhance engagement with the patient by allowing them to see facilities in the healthcare and doctors’ waiting time in emergency rooms. The advantage of this is that it takes place instantly and this enables a patient to determine the time when they will be next to be booked or when to meet with the physician. Using these codes, it is possible to get information about a doctor of a specific health facility. This is because patients should know clinicians who will work on them and this includes their credentials.

QR codes are also vital because they assist patients in determining the available services and also sharing Proofreading-Editinginformation regarding different hospitals that are available with the other members. There are leaflets that are printed by pharmaceutical companies regarding their drugs as well as their administration. This is vital information for the public. As such, individuals who can access these codes can determine how the drugs work. Therefore, pharmacists save the time that would be spent explaining this to patients.

Hospitals and facilities that offer health services also use QR codes for educational purposes and to provide customer service. As such, hospitals allow patients to book appointment with health doctors as well as to obtain appointment. This simplifies rescheduling.

Another importance of QR codes is that they can be used during crisis because they work by just pressing a button after which help is acquired after scanning the code. This occurs automatically and the number is called. This makes looking up information regarding emergency help easy and fast.

Among the QR codes limitations include the expensive cost of smart phones in comparison to conventional phones. As such, common citizens might be unable to purchase them. Software and camera that can scan and read the codes are required in order to use QR codes.

QR codes privacy concerns and ethical issues

Although QR codes have several advantages, this technology can invade personal privacy and data of patients and practitioners (Wertime & Fenwick 2008 p. 7). Data can also be acquired and put into unethical use (Okazaki et al, 2012). As such, information regarding people can be disseminated to unauthorized individuals and this discredits the technology.

This technology can be abused due to the fact that people can now make appointments through the phone. As such, it is possible to fake appointments and then decline to visit the hospital. This can waste the time of the physician.

The QR code privacy raises another question considering that people can steal it by scanning. It is easy to create QR code and they can be used in phishing attacks. The codes can also have a link with text messages from malicious sources and therefore be used as viruses which would destroy the stored applications.

Conclusion and recommendation

QR codes play a vital role of reducing medication error and increasing clinical procedure’s accuracy because they provide accurate, fast and automatic information that people can depend on at the time of emergencies. Using automated codes assist in the improvement of healthcare services’ access and delivery. With a phone that is capable of providing information regarding different health issues is important because health issues can easily be handled while giving patients beneficial information. Although purchasing a Smartphone is expensive, QR codes ought to be used to enhance services delivery.

As such, it is important that neighbors embrace QR codes because they can benefit them. For instance, as the discussion indicated earlier, they have a condition that has led to a situation where the codes can be used to provide emergency treatment. They also need medical measures urgently and QR codes will assist them in determining the hospital to visit, available doctors and the best pharmacy to purchase drugs from as well as the information about the drugs. Privacy and ethical issues might not affect these neighbors because they need care more than any personal data at their current age. It is important to encourage the neighbors to take part in this pilot project in order to benefit from it.

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