Quality: Sample Essay on Quality Revolution

Quality Revolution

In the mid 1960’s, quality revolution began in America. This was after European and Asian nations that incorporated Japan upgraded their quality of goods. Revolution is termed as the initiation of professionals who are qualified in the industries. These skilled individuals have vital expertise that makes them work and advance the quality of commodities.

Clearly, competitive threats are aspects that contributed to industrial revolution. It incorporated states such as Japan. Through this, European nations had succeeded to be in charge of markets in United States. This further made Americans to seek a fast solution that could enable them to go with the pace of the competition.  The World War II came to an end which facilitated Japans to excel in US markets. This happened after they decided to practice quality revolution at the expense of the US economy (Cole 12).

As a result, this affected trade among the Americans when they the incurred loses that involved huge shares to Japanese. In this situation, the first reaction that Americans exhibited was when they decreased prices of their commodities. However much they attempted, they could not overcome the force that came from Japanese markets. In response to this issue, Americans send refugees to Japan to assess factors that made their industry to excel at the market. They found out that nations in Europe put their focus in producing products that were of high quality.

Study indicates that Americans did not support imports because they believed that it could decrease sales at their market. To enhance quality revolution and boost their markets, Americans decided to initiate campaigns that promoted sales. Managers concentrated on recruiting workers with high skills to upgrade the production of quality products. This trend subjected America to introduce modern marketing approaches that enhanced production of quality goods.



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