Religious Studies on Contribution of Christianity to Western civilization

Contribution of Christianity to Western civilization

The growth of Christianity began in 1rst century. This revolved around Jesus Christ, His teachings, death and when He rose. The categories in Christianity incorporate Orthodox, Catholics and Protestants. The religion of Christianity has imposed positive effects in Western Civilization. Christianity has changed the status of citizens in the Western region.

The aspect of Christianity has brought changes in language, and education in the Western nations. Analyzing education, it is clear that it began formally in Abbeys in Europe continent. Historically, the concepts of arts, language and literature were attributed to Christianity. Scholars reveal that variety of aspects such as philosophy and other denominations have not brought changes to the world in contrast to Christianity.

Evidently, Christianity is vital in this world because it made slavery to come to an end. For instance, the world would not have been better if there was still existence of slavery. It is Christianity that enhanced sanity among people to uphold kindness towards each other. Christianity has contributed to vital progress in science today (Perry 8). It facilitated the motives in science and enhanced its knowledge. However, scientists conducted research that formulated theories to support nature works and prove the wrong among Christianity.

Christianity also embraced moral principles that brought changes in early Western churches. This was facilitated by bible teachings that separated the good and the bad in the community. In addition, Christianity enhanced health in the western world when it enhanced development of hospitals. Clearly, freedom was initiated during the western civilization by Christians. In early days, Christians coordinated with authorities to ensure that there was freedom in society. Leaders amended laws as per Christian’s suggestions hence uphold right to democracy. The contribution of Christianity enhanced civilization in western countries. This was through creating charitable organizations such as schools and hospitals.



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