Religious Studies Paper on The End of the Age and the Life to Come

Religious Studies Paper on The End of the Age and the Life to Come

In the Gospel of Matthew 24-28 and Luke 21-24, Jesus gives an account of the events that will mark his return. Firstly, Jesus says that this will be a time of increased troubles as well as turmoil. He describes this moment as a time that will be defined by much distress such as never been experienced since the world began. According to these readings, Jesus reveals that there will be an increase in the number of people who will appear in his name, claiming that they are the Christ. Many people will be deceived by these people, hence losing their focus on whom they had believed. The End of the Age shall be characterized by war and rumors of war (The Holy Bible 831). According to his explanation to his disciples, wars, hunger, betrayal, pestilences, and earthquakes shall be progressive as a woman in labor. People shall betray one another and many shall stop loving each other.

In Matthew 25, Jesus declares that there will be an eternal afterlife. Accordingly, he says that people who refused to accept him as their Lord and Savior will be subjected to eternal punishment, while the righteous will enjoy Eternity. Eternity is the state of living that goes beyond any human boundaries. It is everlasting and goes beyond the grave. According to Jesus, the righteous may suffer adversity on earth, but they have the hope for better days with their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ (Kalbach 76).

To sum it up, the End of the Age shall be characterized by wars, rumors of war, affliction, sorrow, pain, betrayal, and economic crisis. Both the righteous and the sinners will be subjected to these conditions. However, the righteous have the hope of spending their afterlives with Jesus while the sinners will suffer punishment in hell.




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