Religious Studies Paper on The Rapture and Second Coming

The Church has always played the role of guide in the society particularly when it comes to crisis moments. However, with time this role has been overlooked mainly because of the current social changes that go contrary to the teachings of the Holy Scriptures. One of the controversial issues that are currently up for debate is the second coming of Christ and the rapture. Christians believe that one special day Jesus will come back for them and be their guide to heaven, which Jehovah has prepared for them. Nonetheless, the simplicity of the above-mentioned belief has been altered significantly over time with the introduction of a pre-tribulation rapture and post-tribulation rapture phenomena. Jesus did not give anyone any specific timeline of his second coming and the rapture of the Church. However, as it is written in the Bible there will be signs that would be there for Christians to see and be ready. To some individuals, the natural disasters such as the Indonesian Earthquake and Tsunami that took the lives of 2,783 or wars that have seen the destruction of counties such as Libya and Syria are considered as signs of Jesus second coming. These natural and man-made disasters are known as ‘Tribulations’ and they signify the hard times that will face humankind before Jesus comes to save his people. Nevertheless, according to some scholars, these are merely events that have been part of humankind and the church will not face such tribulations because Jesus would have come for them. The article ‘What is the Pretribulation Rapture?’ gives an in-depth perspective of the rapture focusing on both notions keenly.

It is written in the Bible scriptures that Jesus will come again with power and glory for his people. His return unlike the first will not see him go through the process of being a child to manhood but rather as a judge and king of the world. The scriptures state that he will come again on the clouds of heaven when celestial bodies, as well as powers, will be shaken considering his return will be a phenomenon of swiftness and suddenness and of unexpected hour and day. The Bible states that he will come again to guide the believers into heaven in the process separating the sheep from the goats. Nevertheless, as indicated by in the same manuscript this will happen after seven years of tribulations where humankind will face the worst kind of manmade and natural disasters. The Rapture and the Second Coming are considered as aspects of a single event that will take place at the end of the Tribulation when Jesus Christ returns. With this in mind, it can be argued that the church will be on the earth during the Tribulation to experience the events. Throughout Biblical history, the church has traditionally been in the Tribulation particularly in the form of the persecution of its believers from John the Baptist who ended up beheaded to Daniel who was thrown in the lions. With this information, it seems that the Tribulation period is not a future event but an ongoing present reality. The ‘What is the Pretribulation Rapture’ article makes these clear with wide use of scriptures and explanations of prophecies.

The Bible has always shown the God separates and protects his people before any tribulation begins. Like in the days of Lot and Noah, his coming for his people will be before the tribulations. The scriptures used in the article state that Jesus will come to separate the sheep from the goats. The Church through our history has never been destined for the wrath of God which should not be confused with trials and tribulations” as presented by 1 Thess. 3: 3; 2 Tim. 3: 12; 1 and Peter 4: 12-16. In the instance that the seven years of tribulation is considered the wrath of God then it is a guarantee the church of will not be affected

The ‘What is the Pretribulation Rapture?’ the article is comprehensive when it comes to explaining the sense behind per-rapture. Firstly, the author states that society has come changed when discussions of the rapture are brought forward. Most of the people in the modern society are open to discussing issues of homosexuality, abortion, as well as euthanasia aspects that are laid clear in the Bible; however, when it comes to the rapture the discussions run cold. It seems like modern society does not wish to discuss the second coming of Jesus Christ as well as the ascendancy to heaven. The Church seems to be ok with the ‘New-times’ religion that spreads a message of prosperity forgetting the pillars of repentance, prayer, and the baptism of the Holy Ghost which are important in the rapture. It is the wish of the author to see the church rebuke the anti-Christ through prayer and sacrifice towards the patronage of the Church to Jehovah. This passage is a great read for anyone who would like to be informed about the rapture and the second coming of Christ. The author uses the Bible extensively and unsparingly.


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