Religious Studies: Sample Essay on God’s Relationship with Israel

God’s Relationship with Israel

The covenant between God and Israelites is revealed in the book of Deuteronomy. It is evident when God initiates a relationship with His people. This is after He promised to aid them exodus Egypt. The Israelites were willing to collaborate with God to fulfill the plan He had with people. Clearly, the book of Joshua and Deuteronomy depict a lasting connection that God had with the people of Israel.

The book of Deuteronomy depicts God to have consumed fire over Israelites because He was jealousy of their actions. God created a covenant with human kind as a sign of love. This was after the Israelites made a mistake when they began worshipping the images that they had formed. Jealousy did not reflect that God had changed but rather exhibited the forgetful nature of people. Evidently,  in the book of Deuteronomy, people who stayed in Canaan started to show a negative attitude. This became apparent when they felt that God preferred Israelites over them.

The book of Joshua further reveals how the land of Canaan was invaded and later subdivided to Israelites. The three major concepts that are incorporated in the book of Joshua include land conquest, its division and the ending chapters. It is also clear in the book of Joshua that God is pleased by people who obey His rules.   Alexander (2012) cites that it was vital for Israelites to reflect about their life and embrace values that aid them to connect with God. This implies that God expected the people of Canaan to keep off unclean characters.

It is significant to note that God did not force the people of Israelites into the covenant. On the contrary, He invited them to form a relationship with Him. Reading Deuteronomy, it is clear that Israelites had to struggle to enhance their relationship with God. It becomes clear to us why God selected Israelites to be His people.



Alexander, D. (2012). From Paradise to the Promised Land:An Introduction to the Pentateuch.     Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Books.


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