Religious Studies: Sample Essay on Influence in the 1920s

Influence in the 1920s

In 1920, America experienced change in economic, political and social setting. This contributed to short and long term outcome in US community. One of the changes is that women were denied the right to vote. This essay reveals why the three occurrences are lasting and vital in society.

In 1776, United States gained independence. During this time, the American women could not engage in electoral system. This contributed to gender inequality in the community. Later in 1920, the formation of the 19th amendment granted women the right to vote. Furthermore, women were allowed to participate in political activities. So far, US government evaded biasness by promoting equality in gender. All citizens had access to education, employment and positions in leadership.

Evidently, only men still occupy top leadership positions. Since America gained independence, a female personality has never become a president. There is need for women to take advantage of their numbers to vote their colleagues to occupy top positions. The prohibition event happened in the 20th century. This was when intake of alcohol was common and had increased in American culture. In 1920, the Volstead Act became effected hence contributed to the prohibition era. Alcohol became scarce and valuable in the community.

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The criminal groups that were associated with alcohol became influential and powerful in society. Clearly, guns were also prohibited in US to hinder the spread of criminal groups. The economic sphere incorporated the Wall Street crush concept and laissez-faire plan. In this context, the government intervened by enhancing forces at the market to facilitate operations. The policy improved the citizen’s lives and the economy in general by reducing taxes. Evidently, the 1920 influence was beneficial in US society. This was when it enabled women to vote, prohibited alcohol and formulated policies that upgraded the economy.



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