Research Paper Assignment on Queen Parandzem

Bibliography must include at least four sources.
Additionally, consider the following:
-Opening statement: purpose
-Logical sequencing of dates, facts, ideas, etc.
-Analysis and critical thinking
-Conclusion: summary, personal comments, things learned
-Grammar (particularly verb tenses), spelling, capitalization, punctuation

Write a Research paper 10pages, not including title and reference pages. APA stile in-text citations and references. The research must be about the Armenian Quenn Parandzem. Armenia is a small country with very long and rich history. The Armenian people went through a very long way to get to where they are now. Many sources are available about Queen Parandzem. She is a women who made a deference in her country. The Paper should also focus on women and their power as leaders. Make sure to follow the standard procedure of research paper regulations.