Research paper on Adolescent Smoking

Adolescent Smoking

Smoking is an issue that affected both young people and adults across the globe. As a result, researchers have conducted studies and found out that peer pressure is a major aspect that subject the youth to smoke cigarette. In addition, other aspects that have contributed to smoking among the adolescents include cultural, psychological and environmental factors. Te ease this situation, it is essential for a society to focus on reasons that make youth to smoke, the addiction rates and warn them on its bad effects.

This paper depicts various theories that give explanation to determine why young people engage in smoking. Based on the social learning theory, members of other groups affect the adolescents who join them to emulate their smoking characters. Furthermore, role models and parents also trigger the youth to smoke by imitating their habits. Adolescents also smoke with believe that the behavior could aid them in losing weight. The effects of smoking are both short and long term and they include stress and brain damage.

In addition, smoking also affects the respiratory system of a person by contributing to their persistent cough and disrupting their physical performance (Gossip 102). The habit of smoking affects the cardiovascular system by increasing blood pressure and causing heart failure. In the long run, an individual who smoke may contract diseases such as cancer. To prevent smoking, the adolescents need to detect the act to avoid addiction.

The authorities should also increase the price of such commodities to ensure that youth don’t afford to purchase the cigarettes. It would also be beneficial for schools to embrace programs that will deter youth from smoking by teaching them on harmful effects of cigarettes. There should also be campaign against smoking by setting up rehabilitation centers to offer counseling and eradicate the habit.




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