Research Paper on American Drone Campaign, Pakistan, Afghanistan and International Law Violation

American Drone Campaign, Pakistan, Afghanistan and International Law Violation

Drones are forms of unique air craft’s that operate by use of remote control. They are efficient in that they can manage to stay in air for a long time. Furthermore, these types of aircrafts are cheap because they are controlled by remotes hence; poses less threat to those on board.

The first drones were intended for military purposes which helped the Balkans army. In US, the drones force incorporated two various troops of the military. They incorporated the CIA and the US Air Force popularly referred to as USAF. The Americans increased their armed drones by 600 percent to facilitate operations in the military. In 1959, the drones were officially invented in America to assist the USAF military officers.  In addition, the drones’ equipment was placed in the Middle East states that were prone to war threats.

According to the US military troops, drones were effective because they were preferred for dangerous flights to avoid losing the military. Technology facilitated increase in number of drones in 1990s. As president Obama took over the office in 2009, he increased use of drones to reduce terrorism acts. However, as much as drones are effective, they caused destruction of properties and loss of innocent lives in Pakistan. In response to this act, The American government claimed that individuals who were killed belonged to al Qaeda group.

Clearly, drones are effective in targeting terrorists in contrast to manned aircraft. For instance, in 1998, US used drones to strike Osama Bin Laden. Drones may have their limitations but the US has benefited more from them. This is because drones incorporate high intelligence networks and persistence to combat terrorists.

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The effectiveness of drones is evident when they are cheap, and target criminals without subjecting the military to risks. However, using drones is against the law because they do no guarantee safety and accountability. Furthermore, drones do not abide by regulations because they hinder individuals from accessing important details concerning their strikes.




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