Research paper on Environmental Protection Policy

ECON 2302 Research #2 – Regulations
Regulations or public policy can play a role in markets by promoting competition in those
markets where competition seems desirable, and by reducing the harmful effects of market
power in those markets where the output can be most efficiently supply by few firms. In this
research paper students will discuss one (1) of the Antitrust Policies from Chapter 15 or one (1)
of the Environmental Protection Policies from Chapter 17 of their choice.
1. Student will select ONE specific policy in one of the following categories
a. Antitrust Policy (Chapter 15)
b. Environmental Protection Policy (Chapter 17)
2. Each student will complete a typed research paper including the following:
a. After selecting a specific policy student will discuss the reason the regulation
needed to be passed by the U.S. government (history leading to the passing of the
b. What are the major points of the policy?
c. Is the regulation helpful to regulating the economy or harmful? Why and how?
d. Can the policy be improved? How? Why?
e. Can the U.S. economy function as a free market? S
3. Report should be at least 2 pages. Follow APA formatting and citation style.
4. How to prepare:
a. Cover page (1 page). Your report should include a cover sheet which should have:
your name, the course name, the date, and the title of your paper. Do not show the
page number on this sheet.
b. Introduction (1/2 page): Briefly introduce U.S. regulatory policy and the history
of why this policy was needed.
c. Discussion (1-2 pages): Concisely discuss the major points of the policy and how
it impacts the U.S. economy (as per item #2 above).
d. Summary & Conclusion (1/2 page): Summarize major points regarding selected
e. Works Cited (at least 3 credible sources cited using APA style)
f. Format: The text must be double spaced, fully justified, font style=Arial or
Times New Roman, point size=12, page setup is Portrait, 1 inch margins.
Due Date: Monday, April 29th by 11:59 pm