Research Paper on History of Microwave Development

History of Microwave Development

A microwave refers to an electronic appliance that is used to heat meals in the kitchen. The wavelength of a microwave is 1mm to 30cm. This equipment began existing since 1946, a period when the Second World War was in progress. Initially, a microwave was a vacuum with a tube that produced radiations which they named as magnetron. Dr Percy Le Baron Spencer was the pioneer in discovering the radar technology while working in a candy bar.

After conducting several experiments, Spenser realized that microwaves could cook meals very fast. He came up with this conclusion after noting that the microwave radiations had actually made the candy to melt. Raytheon Corporation made a microwave that was big and sold it expensively in 1954 (Manning, 2009). It is also significant for people to note that microwaves can only warm already prepared meals. This implies that they are not suitable for food that is not cooked.

During war periods, microwaves were vital because they made radar that could locate ships and planes that belonged to enemies. Microwaves comprise of analogue design circuits that are measured in hundreds of megahertz (MHZ). The design procedure of microwaves incurred challenges which took plenty of time to research and model its vital parts. For instance, these problems ranged from occupation that incorporated a lot of space and weight. Clearly, the modern invention in technology in pursuit to advance the accuracy contributed to reduction in speed.

The microwave design incorporated a variety of ideas that intended to make it special and improve the space. To use the microwave, an individual had to plug it to the socket and place inside cooked meals to warm. Evidently, the innovation of microwaves has enhanced transformation and is affordable to many households due to increased number of manufacturers.



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