Research Paper on Homeland Security

Homeland Security

The purpose of this paper is to reflect on the establishment of homeland security in US. It also reveals how the American citizens embraced the notion and their view on the outcome of the plan. It depicts an argument on how the government used millions to invest in the project and the reaction of citizens towards the plan.

In 2002, President George Bush initiated the action of homeland security in America. This was after terrorists attacked the country in September 2001. The objective of homeland security was to handle acts that were associated with terrorism in US and across other countries. In response to this, the government passed the law to aid in curbing threats from terrorists (Clovis, 2013). The aim of the US homeland Security Act was to grant power to authorities that were responsible in handling the terror issue.

The department of homeland security responded positively by ensuring that all Americans were safe from any form of attacks. This law was completely implemented after delicate changes became solved in 2003. After the homeland security plan was initiated in US, it has reduced the number of terrorists. This is after the government released funds to handle security challenges across various states. The implications of this law are that it has enabled the government to conduct inspection on individuals. This is to approve if they are legally accepted in the country.

Another allegation that is linked to homeland security is the expenses that are involved in the process to deter terrorism. A section of citizens argue that individuals should not complain concerning the amounts spend in this action. This is because security is a necessity for everyone. However, the opponents of security plan assert that the funds spend in this project only contributes to unstable economy. To enhance safety among Americans, some of the funds should be allocated to medical and education sectors for a balanced economy.



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