Research Paper on Importance of Student Compliance to Teacher Directions for Academic Success

Importance of Student Compliance to Teacher Directions for Academic Success

Compliance among students depicts the manner in which they embrace guidelines to accomplish their education goals. Factors that tend to influence the level of compliance include cultural diversity and social conduct. The purpose of this paper is to reveal the significance of conformity among learners. This is when they embrace direction from tutors to enhance success.

In order to control a class, teachers apply discipline measures and effective skills in leadership. Students who abide by the rules motivate instructors to assist them in their studies. Furthermore, when learners cooperate, it grants self assurance to tutors to offer appropriate programs. This creates satisfaction and promotes good relationship between trainers and the learners. In situation where students fail to comply with the guidelines, they are forced to leave the classroom and punished (Biggs & Tang, 2011).

Clearly, the management also initiates a study program that keeps both teachers and students busy. The responsibility of schools is to implement a peaceful learning environment to mould students. This also assists scholars to be positive in their studies hence excel in their exams. Study further indicates that students who ignore regulation end up failing in their tests. For instance, at the University of Sheffield, learners did not perform well in their final exams because they failed to follow instructions.

This happened after students were given reminders of what they were supposed to do. The administration decided to check on individuals who were awarded with pass or fails. The results indicated that learners who failed to follow instructions became disqualified while the rest simply performed poorly. This exhibits the urge of students to be keen with instruction to avoid failure. Clearly, learners who comply with directives from their tutors tend to excel in contrast to their colleagues who ignore.


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