Research Paper on Inventions of Buildings

Inventions of Buildings

The pioneer buildings were invented by an individual known as Jhon Lewet, with the aim of offering shelter to people. These erecting structures involved use of man power initially but today, they use powerful machines to construct them. The early buildings were made of durable materials that were perishable in harsh climates.

The current state of buildings is more sophisticated, because architects use different designs that enhance safety standards. Contrary to the past, buildings were not organized properly in contrast to the current ones that involve consultation before they are constructed. Early 12,000 BC, buildings were not developed properly in that individuals constructed them with circular rings of stones as a source of shelter. Membranes were also part of the building to provide lighting in the house. The evolution of buildings incorporated more durable materials such as stones, reeds and clay as indicated below;

Buildings in the 21st century were made from stable materials that incorporated use of sand and cement (Breverton 129). Majority of them were residential that involved quality plans and designs to accommodate numerous individuals. An example of a residential structure is illustrated below;

Sky scrapers were also part of the construction in which the first was built in 1880s to construct a 20 storey structure in US. They later dominated in New York and promoted the mass production of steel. Other innovations that developed from sky scraper included the telephone system and elevators. Sky scrapers designed tall buildings that depict how structures appear in main cities. The following is an example of an empire state skyscraper construction in New York;

Sky scrapers are industrial structures that offer complexity and diversity to meet the needs of people in a given location. The trend of buildings has changed from caves and stones to the current ones that are made of sky scrapers and more durable (Wei  23).


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