Research Paper on IT for Global Sustainability

IT for Global Sustainability

Currently, information technology is a field that encounters numerous issues across the globe. To enhance the society via use of information technology, different states need to take effective measures. This is to ensure that it curbs challenges that arise in this field in future. The key step is for countries to carry out studies to eradicate the dangers of attacks. This paper reflects the US efforts to sustain global technology.

According to 2014 reports, United States is in the 12th position worldwide in regard to its performance index. This implies that the government needs to identify this issue and find a way of solving it (Millett and Estrin 23).  Information technology revolves around communication, networking via online platforms and transportation. The rise in cloud technology has assisted plenty of firms to track hackers and stop their activities. In addition, this modern technology allows people who use personal machines to share similar details with the main computer.

In situation whereby hackers disrupt the system, they retrieve important information from the firm. As a result, this subjects majority of the companies to incur loss in finances. Evaluating the ten year trend of technology in United States, it is clear that it has encountered increase in growth. This has improved the welfare of the economy through industrial revolution and telecommunication. The growth in technology has created majority of employment positions that has boosted the economy. For instance, in the heath care department, technology has enhanced medical care that has lead to improvement in diagnosis especially to cancer patients.

In hospitals, upgrade to technology has facilitated fast and effective services. Furthermore the invention of ecommerce has increased purchase and sell of products on digital platform. Firms that embrace information technology to conduct business have observed efficiency in their operation. The use of information technology is vital in society because it helps to save on time and increase productivity.


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