Research paper on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and improvement of life

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and improvement of life

This theory depicts the needs of people that are set from the bottom to the top. It is mandatory for these requirements to fulfill the desires of individuals before they excel to another level. Based on this approach, people are always encouraged to hunt for needs that are available at the top level. Their objective is to enhance their lives when needs of the previous level are well met.

At the base of this pyramid are the physiological needs that are very important. This is because; they boost the survival of a person. These requirements incorporate water and food to enhance metabolism in the body. It is also essential for individuals to have shelter and clothes as basic requirements for safety purposes. Availability of these basic needs guarantess individuals to survive in a society. Furthermore, people can meet these requirements by working to upgrade on their entire welfare.

Additionally, the basic needs aids in boosting lives when they diminish the rates of mortality. This is a sign that the society is moving to a positive direction when it enhances individuals’ lifestyle. In this hierarchy, safety is a second concept that can be accomplished when people avoid war. This implies that authority needs to render less costly structure to the public to enhance safety. As a result, it will make the community comfortable for people to reside and advances the quality of life.

The most significant concept in Maslow’s hierarchy is personal properties and love. These aspects are accomplished via friendship and maintaining best relationships. Furthermore, respect is essential to advance self esteem and upgrade people’s lifestyle. Self actualization is when a person identifies and completes their possible goals. Maslow reveals that there is need for individuals to give focus to top objectives that fulfill the needs of everyone in society.



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