Research Paper on Middle-aged adult case history

Middle-aged adult case history

The recent changes in psychology prove that they are linked to age factor. Clearly, when individuals grow older, they experience different changes in psychology. These changes tend to be good or negative. In this regard, there is a popular perception that there is reduction in cognitive operation as individuals grow older. However, study contradicts with this view. This is clear when it depicts a huge difference that exists between age and cognitive decline.

Research reveals the fact that cognitive operation in a section of older individuals is favorable. This is in contrast to that of people in the middle age category. Conversely, young people also tend to have an improved cognitive performance than older folks. Researchers have formulated theories that relate to different cognitive domains. These approaches reveal the deviation in cognitive performance based on various age categories (Glisky, 2007). For instance, the cognitive domains incorporate attention, long term, and memory domain for performance.

Study also reveal that individuals in old age category tend to have a better cognitive when it comes to switching their attention. In reference to this approach, old people are capable of enhancing their concentration. This applies in various things compared to their middle aged counterparts. This implies that young individuals in the middle aged category are poor in vigilant activities. In reference to domain of functioning memory, the concept of cognitive performance reduces with age. For instance, young people are in a position to multi-task while those who are old find it difficult to handle various functions.

Additionally, the cognitive performance whereby individuals tend to remember reduces as they age. However, it is better when old people remember the activities they handled in the past, which implies they recall history well. Evaluating the concept of cognitive performance, it is better among old individuals in contrast to those in the middle age.


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