Research Paper on Probable course article summary

Probable course article summary

Probable cause reflects a thoughtful measure of suspicion. These are reinforced by conditions that tend to be strong to validate vigilant beliefs of people. In this regard, a section of facts turn out to be true. This implies that details that can instill sense to an individual who has indulged in criminal activities.

A search warrant refers to authority that is granted to police officers by the judges. This is effective because it enables law enforcers to look for evidence in personal properties such as houses or vehicles. If the police come across the evidence, they detain individuals within the vicinity. However, this does not imply that the suspects who have been arrested are guilty of the offence. It is mandatory for both an arrest and a search warrant to exhibit a probable cause before its validity. The purpose of this essay is to evaluate on the needs to arrest and search warrants and their relation to probable cause.

According to the law, search and arrest warrant can only be valid if they comply with specific needs. Clearly, only law officers are allowed to search the defined venues. These expectations apply both in US and governments that belong to other nations. Furthermore, if the police are aware of the probable cause, the situation does not require a warranty to arrest criminals. The reasons are that it is obvious that these acts of felony have been committed in public venues. Other cases that do not require a warranty is when there is an emergency that needs immediate actions.

Forms of warranty are also exceptional in obvious situations where drivers lack licenses, or individuals are abusing drugs (Handler, 1994).  In regard to the case of Trayvon, it is clear that there was no evidence that Zimmerman was guilty of manslaughter. This is because he was charged of racial profiling and the case was about murder.



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