Research Paper on Reconstruction: Political Effects of Lincoln’s assassination

Reconstruction: Political Effects of Lincoln’s assassination

The assassination of President Abraham Lincoln took place on14th April in the year 1965. This was during the reconstruction period when there was liberation of African Americans. The election of Andrew Johnson managed to slow down the occurrence of this blow. This is because Johnson was keen to follow the footsteps of his forerunner.

Furthermore, it was under Johnson’s reign that the Fourteenth Amendment revealed the aspect of citizenship in the nation. This incorporated the African Americans who passed and later ratified the congress. It was in spite the fact that it had received rejection from the Southern States. Evidently, the 14th Amendment served as the significant section of the legislation in the American history. During the 1866 election at the congress, the North granted a resounding defeat to the Republicans who were perceived to be radical.

This was vital because it could depict the beginning of the Radical which is today referred to as the Congressional Reconstruction. Furthermore, the congregational reform phases existed only for duration of ten years. In 1886, Tennessee became part of the union. In addition, the ten states from the South were divided into five military districts during this duration. The army supervised the procedure and readmitted the states into the union in 1870. A condition that was required for readmission was for the states to agree with both the 14th and the 15th amendment (Guisepi para. 3).

If the states accepted the legislations, it meant that they would appreciate the rights of African Americans. Clearly, the modern governments were also to operate by the regulations. This was despite the fact that these forms of administration were not supported by most of the Southerners. Embracing the new regulations by leaders was a vital step in liberating the former slaves.



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