Research Paper on Standardized Testing

Standardized Testing

The idea of standardized testing has increased the number of learners worldwide. This is because the community today values quality education. In this regard, students who go through standardized tests tend to have a bright future in their lives. Standardized testing reflects assessments that students take to determine their ultimate performance.

It enables students to do their tests, contrast their results and rank the outcome of the entire group. Traditionally, the standard nature of assessments existed in three forms. This ranged from time allocation, use of questions and instructions. In this case, questions that were given to learners were similar and all had multiple choices. During these tests, the instruction and the time to finish the assessment was the same for all candidates.

Analyzing the history of standardized tests, it is clear that it began in US in the mid-19th century.  Horacce Mann was the pioneer individual that started the concept of examination in Boston.  His objective was to ensure that learners in these schools progressed. Furthermore, during World War I, United States embraced standardized tests to recruit potential military officers. This method became useful in schools when it helped to organize learners into various groups based on their performance (Gallagher, 2003).

The growth of standardized tests was witnessed during cold war and World War II.  In this aspect,  leaders believed that they needed bright students to take part in leadership of the country. The importance of standardized tests in schools was to measure on the intelligence of learners. This further assisted the students to attain different jobs in relation to their performances. Standardized testing had its disadvantages which are clear when it failed to assist learners beyond the classroom surroundings. As a result, various students grew up without realizing their other talents that applied to sport activities. Analyzing this case, there is need of stake holders to formulate a study program that is balanced to benefit the entire community.




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