Research Paper on Statistical Analysis of Community Health Problem

Statistical Analysis of Community Health Problem

The statistics analysis of a given society in relation to health relies on factors that include education, economy and demographics. These aspects determine how individuals live in a society and aid to understand their health challenges. The purpose of this research is to evaluate and give a statistical health report of a country called Canyon, based in Santa Clarita in California.

The demographics of this state reveal that it has a population that is approximately 40,328 citizens (“California,” 2014). The ethnic characteristics of this country indicate that 76 percent of the population involves white people. The Black Americans are estimated to be 3 percent while the rest 10 percent are from the diverse ethnic groups. Economic wise, 8 percent of citizens who reside in Santa Clarita survive below poverty levels.

According to 2013 reports, the rates of unemployment were noted to be 6.6 percent in Santa Clarita city. In California, 10.81 percent of women lack jobs while 9.3 percent of male civilians are also unemployed. Evaluating education in the division, majority of individuals are literate with more than 65 percent of adults having attended college. Other information that is required reflects on air that is not polluted and clean water that comes from the ground.

This division also faces mortality and morbidity challenges that are clear when 35.1 percent of citizens in US are obese. This prevalent growth of obesity has disrupted the public health of California. The study reveals that 400,000 people die annually due to obese health problem in United States. Validating data of this division, it is clear that only a few individuals of black race live in Canyon contrasted to California and other parts of United States. In addition, the cause and effect type of relationships reflects how individuals reside in the society with their health problems. This has contributed to poverty levels when people spend most of their income on treatment.



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