Research Paper on The Boeing Insitu Scan Eagle

The Boeing Insitu Scan Eagle

The Scan Eagle was built in 2002 by Insitu, a subordinate firm of Boeing. Scan Eagle is also referred to as unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). It is durable, small in size and operates on low expenses. This form of a vehicle has been in a procedure to upgrade technology and reliability since it was invented. Its technology is based on Sea Scan tiny robotics. This is further used by Insitu group to facilitate communication from Boeing.

In addition, an internal avionics bay is part of the system that enhances ease in integration. This is via maintaining up to date sensors and payloads to aid in future progress.

 Below: ScanEagle (Boeing, 2013, p. 1)

In 2002, scan eagle unveiled its flight which became successful. This is after it involved the “Joint Forces Command Forward” practices. In 2003, it finished 15.2 hours during a flight which serves as a proof of its endurance ability. Furthermore in 2004, scan eagle was the pioneer UAV to finish 16 hours and 45 minutes after it was launched. Its responsibility was to search for beneficial surveillance details concerning sea activities to aid in military duties. In Iraq, this vehicle was useful when it assessed the situation that revolves around the military.

Scan eagle upgraded to wireless form of communication that improved its effectiveness when it moved at a high speed. As a result, the firm became popular which made the US Navy to grant it a contract. Its duty began in 2005 when it searched details from Persian Gulf. By 2011, UAV increased its flight hours to 500, 000 (Defense Update, 2007).  The characteristics of this vehicle include long duration flights that take 16 to 48 hours. The major use of the scan eagle is to tracking information and objects of interest that is beneficial in the military operations.



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