Research Paper on War on Drugs and Prison Overcrowding Analysis

War on Drugs and Prison Overcrowding Analysis

Florida is one of the states in US that have come up to fight against drug abuse. As a result, various measures have been put into place to arrest drug offenders.  An example is use of correctional firms that brings order via discipline. These organizations have encountered issues in curbing such crimes of which the major one is overcrowding. This paper depicts relevant solutions that can be embraced to handle the issue of drug abuse.

In Florida, correctional organizations encounter overcrowding due to the increase in number of offenders who abuse drugs. Recently, the major method that has been used to fight drug abusers was by taking them to correctional organizations. Due to overcrowding situation in prisons, the offenders have been subjected to diseases and violent behaviors.

To handle the issue of overcrowding in Florida, there is need for the relevant authorities to formulate workable solutions. One way of handling this matter is by increasing the number of correctional firms in Florida. According to study, approximately 8 percent of this state’s population still abuse drugs (Levinson & Sage, 2002, p. 98). This implies that majority of correctional firms have a responsibility of stepping in to aid their counterparts in reducing the large numbers of drug addicts. This will be beneficial because the firms will offer more facilities to support victims to avoid overpopulation.

Another solution to this matter is to fight and prevent measures that contribute to spread of drug abuse. This can be achieved using various approaches that include provision of education to the youth concerning the dangers of drug abuse. Analyzing the situation in Florida, it is clear that 50 percent of drug abusers are the youth. This calls for measures such as punishing and offering counseling to offenders to eradicate drug abuse in Florida and the entire US.



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