Research Paper on Social Movements

Social Movements

Social movement is an organized approach and disputable tasks that ordinary people use to make accusations concerning others. It is also known to be a tool that exposes many individuals to join politics. Social movement involves three main aspects that include WUNC displays, campaigns, and repertoire. The repertoire aspect incorporates various forms of employment that include rallies, meetings and political actions.

The objective of campaign elements is to target sovereignties, and make constant orders concerning public claims. Conversely, the WUNC displays concentrate on commitment, numbers and unity. This paper also reveals about abortion as the key controversy that is part of a revolution movement in a society. Abortion is an act that occurs intentionally but if it is accidentally, it is referred to as miscarriage.

There are various perspectives that revolve around abortion and they include health standards of the person, beliefs and morals. Pro-life are anti-abortion groups that give support to the licit limit of the act. Conversely, pro choice reflects anti-abortion groups that do not support the legal restriction. According to pro-life, abortion is a form of murder because it incorporates human life that is already a human being with right to life. In this regard, the pro-choice assert that mothers who are expectant are the one who keeps the decision on whether to terminate or keep the pregnancy.

A reform movement is an association that concentrates on gradual change of society by enhancing essential and rapid changes. In this movement, liberalism incorporates ideas that reflect on moral standards of a given society (Graeme & Ian, 2006). According to social democratic perspective, reform movements can either be pro-choice or pro-life in relation to social circle of a person. Abortion is still a controversial topic in society, but despite the debates, pro-life movement should be embraced to save on more lives.




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