Research Paper Summary on Special Education

Special Education

In society, special education is vital because it caters for the needs of children who have been neglected. I choose to write about special education as it offers individuals with different chances of profession. For instance, graduates of this career can serve the disabled children in community or operate as school administrators.

Leaders who advocated for social change introduced special education in 19th century. They believed that there was need to promote institutions that offered services to the disabled. This was to upgrade the forms of treatment and reduce rates of discrimination against the disabled people. In this period, individuals applied moral treatment to eradicate the idea that there was no cure for disability.

The state government played a vital responsibility when it introduced juvenile courts and beneficial programs. In 1983, it formulated laws to provide training to parents and various informative meeting points (District administration, 2008, p.1). The purpose of education act for people with disability was to improve on special education in community. Apparently, practices that apply to this career include ASL that is the major language for the deaf. Stakeholders such as school improvement and district coordinating councils contributed resources to boost special education.

Trends in special education have reduced its costs in provision of services. Technology is a trend that enables learners to handle assignments while in their disabled condition. For instance, learning computer programs is very important to these special students. This is because it enables learners to use eye movements to surf the internet with aid of the key board. This program has faced various improvements when children gain skills to comprehend things that they are taught. Controversial challenges that are encountered in this field is innovation of educative programs that are irrelevant. For special education to do well there is need for people in the career to handle instructional activities and make them useful to learners.


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