Research Paper Summary on Think about African political leaders’ politics

Think about African political leaders’ politics

Analyzing politics in Africa, it is clear that this is part of relevant information that reflects on the diversity of political structures. According to the recent research, political leaders in Africa who are successful are motivated by different prevalent aspects.  These factors relate to their multicultural communities. The driving forces that come from African leaders have motivated the majority to become leaders in various categories such as presidents.

Evaluating the categories of leadership, it is apparent that they confer different levels of power. For instance, a large number of leaders joined politics because they had a political background. Assessing the views of many leaders, they claim that they had a way of being part of the groups. This is because they had a connection with other leaders and missionary schools. Furthermore, majority of leaders joined politics due to the fact that their parents had social influence in the community.

On the contrary, others joined the group of leaders because they believed that they possessed intellectual skills hence; were elites in the society. In addition, leadership that was on basis of traditions was linked to colonialism (Wyk Jo-Ansie van, 2007). This implies that current leaders required skills and fresh minds to rule. In this regard, numerous leaders joined politics with the objective of liberating their citizens from being ruled by leaders from the West.

The objective of political rulers was to serve as presidents. Conversely, others decided to be exploiters. As a result, the two ideals contributed to conflicts across the continent in the previous decades. Furthermore, to be part of politics in Africa, an individual has to have plenty of resources. In this continent, Africans recognize use of ballots in electing their leaders. However, the issue of gender inequality has contributed to conflicts and it still affects the African politics.


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