Research Summary on Cognitive Disorders

Cognitive Disorders

Cognitive disorder is a condition that affects individual’s lives in terms of reasoning, remembering and decision making. It differs from mild to a severe state that tends to be serious. A person whose cognitive disorder is mild depicts few changes when participating in daily chores. Conversely, when the condition is worse, it becomes difficult for the affected victim to speak or write. In addition, this person will always depend on others to survive in life. This paper intends to reveal signs, causes, treatment and outcome of this disorder.

The sign or symptom of this disorder includes loss of memory and difficulty in making judgments. The three key forms of cognitive disorder are Amnesia, Dementia and Delirium. Dementia refers to a persistent destruction of brain that causes an individual to be confused and loose memory. Delirium is a condition that leads to memory change and it arises after a short period. Amnesia is the third category of cognitive disorder that leads to serious memory loss.

The causes of cognitive disorder incorporate tumors which are cells that affect the normal operation of the brain. These tumors in brain are risky during surgery because they damage the cells in the process. Stroke is the second cause of the disorder that damages the brain when it interferes with supply of blood (Carrie, 2013, p. 3). There are various ways that aid to treat cognitive disorders. They include physical and neurological tests. Additionally, the treatment options differ in relation to the availability of cognitive disorder.

The impact or effect of cognitive disorder on victims is that it affects the manner in which they reason. Furthermore, it becomes hard for these individuals to gain new knowledge. In addition, victims of this disorder tend to depend on others for help. It is vital to create awareness concerning cognitive disorder to save majority of the injured party.


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