Sample Anthropology Essay on Ethnocentrism/cultural pluralism

Ethnocentrism/cultural pluralism

Ethnocentrism is a phrase that reflects a situation whereby various societies judge other people’s culture. This is in reference to their standards and cultural principles. Tony (23) reveals that societies that are ethnocentric tend to perceive others to embrace religious forms of orientation. In addition, they identify other societies to have customs and languages that is of low standard in contrast to their own.

Clearly, cultural pluralism reveals how minority individuals in a huge social framework enhance their cultural worth. However, these values can only be applied in a larger section of the community when users abide by its regulations. There are various ways that reveals the manner in which ethnocentrism obstructs the aspect of cultural pluralism. The actions when social groups perceive cultural principles of others to be low hinder peaceful ways of interaction.

This is evident when both individuals of diverse cultures in small and huge groups incur conflicts. Marie (34) reveals that this attitude of ethnocentrism prevents the minority in society from appreciating their cultural origins. This is because they feel that the superior individuals in society cannot accept them. In this regard, the minority abandons their unique customes and emulates values that are used in the larger community. This condition contributes to inequality because the society is only dominated by one culture.

For instance, United States has various small groups that have abandoned their cultural identities and embraced the Americans way of living. This is evident when the minority adopted art and sports activities to feel part of the nation’s culture. The outcome of ethnocentrism is also clear across the globe. It has disrupted marketing activities worldwide when the minority groups encounter intimidation as they attempt to cross the borders. The aspect of ethnocentrism in society has denied the minority groups the right to practice their own cultures.



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