Sample Anthropology Essays on Marriage

Marriage is an institution that requires that an individual makes adjustment in their life especially in terms of accommodation. Though it is a union that involves two people that love each other or have made an agreement to settle together, there are several rights that each partner possesses. Edmund Leach who is an anthropologist observed the institution of marriage and identified that there are several rights which are different that are allocated to marriage. The rights in this case include a partner having latent over the other and also the spouse manifesting duties or responsibilities of the other. It means that according to Leach, a wife or a husband should not dominate the other in the name of marriage. They should respect each other all the time as a way to promote unity between them.

On the other hand, the traditional laws assign men and women different duties. It means that a wife or a husband has specific roles which they need to play as designed by the society. However, in the modern world, there are several instances where a spouse manifests the duties of another. For instance, as a result of lack of job, a husband can decide to take care of the children while the wife goes to work. Traditionally, this was not allowed, but in the current world where women occupy positions in the market place and also in leadership, it is possible to find them playing the roles or duties of men in regards to providing for the family.

However, among the two rights identified by Leach, I would consider the first one whereby a man or a woman should not dominate their partner in the name of marriage. I consider it to be essential because one way in which respect and love can be sustain in marriage is through proper understanding of each other. I cannot dominate my partner because that will show lack of respect for the marriage. However, I can play the role of my partner because the society is nowadays open especially if it means performing the task will make our lives better.