Sample Anthropology Paper on Anthropology: Responses to Posts

Krista-Simone Clark

The fact that anthropology is one of the careers witnessing a decline in numbers cannot be doubted. Previously, anthropology was an interesting and attractive career that gave people opportunities to interact with people and their cultures. Essentially, anthropology is all about studying people’s physiological and biological characteristics as well as the evolution of these characteristics. I agree with your stamen that anthropologists are no longer found in the field doing research but they can be found in college campuses, corporations, government organizations, as well as community-based organizations (“Careers in Anthropology,” 2016). In these contexts, anthropologists have shifted focus from studying people’s cultures as well as biological and physiological characteristics to studying aspects such as linguistics, medical research and innovations, business aspects, environmental issues, and others. It is even interesting that we have corporate anthropologists who work with market research by conducting research labs with students. I tend to believe that the shift in the roles of anthropologists is the main reason for the decline in numbers in the recent past.

Alexis Rudney

I am of a similar opinion that anthropology is one of the broadest careers one would ever pursue. Unlike before when anthropologists were left to go to the field and study or research on humans’ sociocultural interactions, today’s anthropologists can secure employment in a number of sectors. Today’s anthropologists can be employed sectors such as research coordination, human resource, international trade, medical anthropology, market research, and others (“Careers in Anthropology,” 2016). This is good news to people currently interested in the career but it has played a role in the disintegration and the loss of the career’s initial purpose and focus. Presumably, the fact that anthropology no longer focuses solely on humans’ sociocultural interactions might be a reason for the decline in interest in the career. There is the presumption that even though today’s anthropologist can secure employment in a range of sectors, they are likely to be paid less as compared to individuals from other career paths.




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