Sample Argumentative Essay on Integration of American Indian into American society

Integration of American Indian into American society

Integration is defined as the permission of distinctions and opposes only differences which accrue to discipline misunderstandings. It means full equality in education, health services, economic and political opportunity in the United States as a whole. On the safe and liberal side, the co-business of this issue is what the goes to what the American Indians are truly yearning for. One of the good things is to let them do things what please them under the constitution of the United States. On the other hand, the best thing that they can enjoy is integration.

By incorporation the American Indians, it does not necessarily mean absorption to a certain extend a way of multiculturalism. This means incorporating them into the society and honoring their unique nature. Saying this looks simpler than being manifested. In the long run the best thing that suits the people is implementing it. Everyone deserves respect and to be wanted within a community regardless of their ethnic background. No one choose his tribe nor where he was born.

In Canada, the model of multiculturalism has manifested well. Its multiculturalism is essential to our belief that all people deserve equality. Its knowledge has exposed that multiculturalism given rise to ethnic and racial harmony. Having better knowledge of this from the Canadian people, the United States ought to follow the same footsteps. The model has proved itself despite of the challenges the country go through.


The position of Indians in American states might be seen as one aspect of the question of the incorporation of minor groups into the communal organization. Only by continuation of liberty for cultural distinction can a heterogeneous humanity keep difference at a minimum. Individual liberty is an extensively shared cultural virtue. Looking at the environment that hamper or favor integration, we can endorse it in the most satisfying way possible. The world will move on swiftly if we all maintain and improve brotherhood bond. We are the ones to make the world a better place for me and you.



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