Sample Argumentative Essay Paper on Critical Analysis of Abortion using the Believing Game Concept

As evidenced in the work of Elbow, many scientist and researchers have lined upon one ways of approaching
things especially when new ideas arise. Therefore, they play a doubting game over the other methods and
approaches that could be used to address the issue at hand (Harkness, 2009). It has been argued that through the
doubting game, one is able to have a critical analysis on a topic. This has been in the attempt of looking for
errors and contradictions since the writer’s ideas oppose your opinion (Elbow, 2008). However, one has to sink
into the work of the writer no matter how hard. Despite having opposing opinions one has to evaluate the work
of the writer and thus leading to the concept of believing (Elbow, 2006)
Therefore, Elbow calls for a more balances approach of using the opinions of the writer to try out new things.
Therefore, by believing, we realise a research tool to developments as well as generation of hypothesis that can
be used to with more relevance. This can be applied in many scenarios with the current essay focusing on
In work evaluation, for critical analysis one has to make application of the believing game and thus refrain from
own subjective ideas. Abortion has been a topic widely discussed with many being for it and others against it.
Opinion on abortion
When the word is mentioned, the first thing that comes to my mind is killing. I have been taught that killing is
against humankind and God. Therefore, the subject in my opinion should be completely avoided, and not
undertaken my any human kind. In addition, no government laws and policies should be directed on the issues
thus effecting a complete bun. In my opinion, people should be taught on the adverse negative consequences of
abortion with all health centres being liable of undertaking the action liable by closure of the facility.
Reason from the site opposing my opinion (pros)
The US government after deliberations declared abortion a fundamental right. This has been supported by a
wide range of advantages to the process which is against my opinion. They have put the right in writing and has
been supported by the constitution. Therefore, it becomes a matter of self-option. Therefore, having an abortion
becomes a common practice and a right governed by law under privacy rights.
Secondly, they have argued that abortion would help women gain control over their own bodies. Therefore,
using the process as an empowerment tool. Women are left with the choice of when and with whom to have a
child with. Therefore, women though a planned children strategy they are able to participate actively in
economic development.

Third, abortion has been permitted with an argument of life after delivery not at conception. Therefore, there is
no life lost and the foetus will not feel pain. The argument suggests that foetus are not independent and thus
their life begins when they become independent. Therefore, the mother can decide what to do with it thus
warranting the abortion process.
Answering the believing questions suggested by Elbow
According to elbow, the most helpful thing about government arrival for abortion is to make the process just
like any other processes (Elbow, 2008). Therefore a personal choice. It has been noted that human always want
to do what been prohibited, thus when permitted, the number of abortions are expected to fall. Believing this
view makes me notice that human choices are dictated by the environment in which they live. In real sense,
most people undergo abortion. Under the conditions of saving a mother from a pregnancy that my end her life,
constitutional right on abortion becomes true since the doctors will be willing to undertake the process.
Women empowerment has been a call for many nations which has been halted by women being tied to take
care of kinds. In some cases, they fail to deliver at work and miss a lot of life opportunities. The argument is
helpful as women will have equal opportunities to men thus driving economic change and development.
Believing gin this view I notice that some policies like women driven polies are only effective when women are
given the opportunity to have control over when to have their children. The idea may be true in instances when
women get unplanned and unwanted pregnancies at a tender age, when schooling, and when working in time
committing areas.
Finally, the argument that life begin when the child is born and thus they don’t feel pain is helpful as the
concept does not lead to women torture. Therefore, a way of controlling and dealing with mental problems.
Going with the idea I notice that women will be at peace since they will not have harm anybody and thus
protecting their inner soul and peace which is detrimental for social and economic productivity. The idea may
apply in conditions when the mother is at risk due to the pregnancy and in instances when they may undergo
emotional torture.
From the analysis it can hence be concluded that all statements should be taken form a balance card thus not
subjected to a true/false arena. Statements can be evaluated from different perspective which may deviate from
ones opinion but which could be necessary to dealing with an issue at hand.

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