Sample Art Essays on John Wesley

Sample Art Essays on John Wesley

John Wesley was a man facing great despair because he did not get any fulfillment in his life. Westley had managed to convert many people to Christianity, but he did not feel like he was saved by the blood of Jesus Christ (Green, 1). His conversation with a Moravian friend led him to understand that for an individual to have faith, he must preach and act in faith. Therefore, he believed that he would receive a divine healing from God. At about 8.45, John Wesley felt his heart warmed after hearing the readings on Luther’s article (Graves, 1). John Wesley finally understood that when people do good deeds, Christ saves his people and leads them to salvation.

The story by Wesley is an example of how the spirit of the Lord works miracles in people’s lives. When an individual seeks salvation and an understanding of God, God will reveal himself to the person. The Bible says that faith without action is dead. Therefore, people need to act in faith even if their hearts are filled with doubts. God’s revelation through Jesus Christ changed Wesley’s life forever. He traveled in different areas around England preaching the word of God without fail. Many people converted to Christianity and changed their way of life. According to Jackson (1), it is Wesley’s works of faith that helped prevent the occurrence of a revolution in England as did France. God works wonders in the lives of people who seek to have a personal relationship with him through Jesus Christ. It is important for people to receive salvation from Jesus Christ to lead a joyous life. Wesley’s life is an example of what God can do to the lives of his people.


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